We make Search Engine Marketing profitable for you!
Are you looking for Affiliates or an Agency to run Search Marketing campaigns for you? Then you have come to the right Place. With over 10 years of experience in Online Marketing we specialize in setting up and running profitable campaigns in Google, Bing and Yandex.
With over 10 years of experience in Online Marketing we are now running more than 500 campaigns in Google, Bing and Yandex. Over the Past years we have signed up in many Affiliate Networks and are among the Top Publishers in many of these Networks.

Before starting our company, the members of our Team worked in several multinational Agencies and Companies. Our Search Account Manager Mathias has worked several years in one of Europe's biggest Affiliate Marketing Networks. He also worked for one of the biggest Search Engine Agencies in the UK. There he was responsible for setting up and optimizing Search campaigns for over 100 clients.

Next to Affiliate campaigns we also run Search Engine campaigns for Online Shops and Service Providers without Affiliate Marketing. We also have several Agencies contacting us to do PPC for their Clients - if Google is not allowed, then most Clients still like to have Campaigns in Bing or if it fits in Yandex.

In case you are looking for a Partner to run your Search Engine Marketing, please contact us within the Affiliate Network or under the Email germanAffiliate (at) and we could become a strong Partner for you and your Brand.

                                About our Services

Campaign Setup

We will setup Search Marketing campaigns in Google, Bing and Yandex for you. Next to the Keyword Research we will also structure your campaign and Ads to target more and better customers.

Campaign Management

In our Campaign Management Service, we can either setup a new campaign for you and / or improve your current campaign with new / better Keywords and better Ads.

Business Consulting

In this Service I will consult with you about implementing an efficient Marketing Strategy into your Business. Our Consulting package covers Online Marketing, Copy Writing, Sales Design, Client Handling and much more. We will work with your companies on many Levels to get better results with less effort.

Full Service Business Coaching

Since our team consists of experienced Consultants with many years of experience, we also offer Full Service Business Coaching. Here we are working with you and your team to increase Productivity, reduce Stress, increase Productivity and get more clients the easy way.

Combining Psychology with Business Best Practices and Search Experience

While we are an international team, most of your contact will be handled by our CEO Mathias. He has 2 University degrees – 1 degree in Business Psychology and 1 degree in Business Computer Science. Mathias will help you to design Ads and Search campaigns that targeted the Psychology of your Customer in the right way.

As an experienced consultant he can also help you to improve your Business outside of running Search campaigns. As a Psychotherapist he helps people to reduce Stress and Burnout and live a more happy and productive life. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you want to know more.

How to proceed


First Contact and Project Outline

Write me a Email at: germanAffiliate (at) and describe your Project idea. I will then contact you back.


Implementation Phase

I will work with you on the Project Implementation and Setup of your Search campaign.


Ongoing Project

I will work with you on the Project until it is finished to your and my satisfaction. I have worked with many clients over the years and so far have achieved good results for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your experience in Online Marketing?

I have more than 10 years of experience in Online Marketing and have a degree in Business Psychology and Business Computer Science

How do you get paid?

Alll the Tracking and Payment is done via the Affiliate Network.

In which markets are you running Advertising?

I can run Ads all over the world. The strongest markets are in Europe (Germany, France, Spain, UK...) but also the US and other countries.

Can you send us References of your Clients / Screenshots

Of course I can send you our References, Screenshots from Networks and Feedback from Clients, please contact me for this information.

For which Industries to you run PPC Ads?

I run a lot of campaigns for Fashion and Travel sites. I also run many campaigns in other Industries. Over the past 10 years I  have collected a lot of experience in all kind of Niches / Industries. Please contact me with your your site to receive more detailed Feedback.

What our Partners are saying...

"Mathias from has helped us a lot to reach more Clients. He started 2 years ago with a small Google campaign and have expanded it since to great results."
Mark G.
“Since Search Ads are too expensive and complex for us, we decided to work together with Mathias . We are a very happy with the results and can recommend him with full confidence.”
Linda S.
“Mathias is a strong Affiliate Partner for us. He is very reliable and our Sales have increased a lot thanks to his elp.”
John Mitchell
“I always read that Search Ads can be  profitable but never had much time to focus on it. Thankfully we are working with Mathias from, he is handling everything for us.”
Steven S.

Our experience in Numbers

As SEM Specialists we work with many Agencies and individual Shops / Service Providers. This is a small overview of our results.



Satisfied clients around the world



Completed projects



Increase in conversion rate

Contact Me

Please contact me under the Email: germanAffiliate (at) for more information. I look forward to work with you and help you make more Sales and Leads!
We make Search Engine Marketing profitable for you!